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Report:- Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones In The Month Of January 2021

Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones

Here the list of Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones in the month of January 2021. Counterpoint has released this report Seeing all these, we get to know the value of which smartphone company is more. See Below the List Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones.

  • 1. Apple iPhone 12 6%
  • 2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 5%
  • 3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro 4%
  • 4. Apple iPhone 11 2%
  • 5. Redmi 9A 2%
  • 6. Redmi 9 1%
  • 7.Samsung Galaxy A215 1%
  • 8. Apple iPhone 12 Mini 1%
  • 9. Samsung Galaxy A31 1%
  • 10.Apple iPhone SE 2020 1%

This time also, the iPhone brand has outperformed. But there are still some churns left of 2021, maybe some of them can be seen. But it is difficult to be so if a company launches a good smartphone and it makes a splash, then maybe there could be something in the next report.

Apple iPhone 12 is best selling smartphone in the Counterpoint of January month of 2021. The matter of Apple’s iPhone is different it has a different feel to run. The one who uses or has done it knows what it is value.

If Apple did not launch the iPhone 12, it could have seen some changes in this report. iPhone 12 comes in the market they were bomb blasts for the smartphone market. Its looks are very classic and expensive.


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