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Samsung Galaxy S 10


Samsung is a android based technology which is manufactured for samsung software.This phone is celebrating for the 10 th galaxy anniversary of the samsung brand.Samsung phone are highly stable to each other there were highly protested to each other.It looks like a proffesional phone.Phone are looking for very expensive.

*Features of S 10*

  • Battery 3400 Mah
  • Rear camera 12MP + 12MP + 16MP
  • Display for 6.1 inch
  • Storage 8 gb RAM /128 gb INTERNAL
  • Front camera 10 mp
  • OS Android 9.0
  • Snapdragon 855

The main difference of s 10+ are the display size are as 6.4 inches.There are mainly features are same as to both phone.They were launch for the anniversary of the galaxy.Samsung phone are looking for proffesional it is use for the office man and women are use.All of Samsung’s phones are very good and their work is also very good. Not every person likes Samsung’s phone.

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