Stop Violence Against Women

Stop Violence Against Women

In Indian women, violence is increasing day by day so Stop Violence Against Women. This thing is to stop so girls are facing many problems because they were going outside the house. Everyman sees that they were working for there or follow him. This thing is very bad about that. So How would you feel if you do this thing for your sister you got angry about that. If there are any girls in front of you then you have to stop them. Indian Government has launched a rule all good peoples are request that.


Stop Violence Against Women Allhighnews request for the Indian government please make the rule about that. Because girls or women is the power of nature. All peoples are born in women. So their violence stops them. In the future, this thing is continuously so human life cannot possible because women are the power of unity. In this in India women violence, rapes are increasing so the government has made a rule for the accused to be hanged within 14 days. In India many states girls are facing this problem. This thing is very bad so sad in India about the comparison of the other countries. In ancient, the king was married in five to six married or all ladies are happy about that.

So don’t think about the girls. Because girls are not here so human life cannot possible. The Indian government has made a rule for this thing so this rule and regulation are followed for all Indian peoples. Please protect the girls or save the environment. In India, these types of cases happen for more in the comparison of other countries. All peoples made a campaign for who is suffering from this type of thing the campaign helped the women.

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