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Supreme Court Orders That CBI Probe Should Be Done In Sushant Singh Rajput Case

Supreme Court has announced the cast of Sushant Singh Rajput is handed from CBI inquiry. Therefore CBI is handled in this case. This case is declared for the Indian state of Delhi (NCR) on the date of 19 August 2020 at 11 AM. What happened to Sushant’s father is what happened now finally this case is solved in a few days. Now everyone knows who is the killer of Sushant. Sushant’s fan eagerly waiting for the murderer: who has done all this. Bihar police are favored is this case and Mumbai police are against in this case.

The biggest officer of the Mumbai police is involved in this case. All peoples are waiting for who is the killer of the Sushant. Many peoples are talking to this case is murder and Sushant father ask this case handed for the CBI  inquiry now supreme court is handed for this case is handed for CBI. As soon as possible Sushant killer was arrested by the CBI officers. As Sushant’s fans are waiting for who has done this, the police should arrest him as soon as possible. People abroad are also concerned about Sushant’s case.

In other countries, peoples support for Sushant Singh case we want justice for the SSR. All peoples are prayed SSR is life in the fan of heart. This is the one and only hero whose land in the moon. He is one of the famous Indian Actor In all film Industries. He is a multitalented boy. All field knowledge for Sushant Singh Rajput. There is only one who lands in the moon. He is the body is a very good and fit and deep knowledge of the Engernierging field. There were many peoples are waiting for who is the killer of the Sushant. His girlfriend made all this happen. His girlfriend and many people have met in this case.

This is a very bad thing: Mumbai Police was hiding all this. Due to this, the Mumbai Police is being insulted and Sixty India India is also being insulted abroad. During this case, many celebrities are involved in this case so CBI inquiry is started and officers are sometimes arrested for a killer who is killed for Sushant. This is a very big cause for the celebrity of India.


A long time is the case is open now and Mumbai police are also involved in this case and many offerers or celebrities are also involved in this case. Sushant father and Bihar police are also demanding this case for inquiry for the CBI team. Sushant’s Girlfriend and his companions: they have met all these. It is being learned that Sushant’s girlfriend and Mahesh Bhatt had some affair, due to which the two together removed Sushant from the road.

Now some photos and videos are viral from the social media Riya and Mahesh Bhatt are very happy in the pics and videos. Mahesh Bhatt is also an affair in many celebrities of the film industry. Mahesh Bhatt is also two or three marriages in the youth ages and many girlfriends.

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