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Sushant Singh Rajput Case Is Murder Not Suicide

Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the famous actors of the Indian film industry. He was born in the Bihar state of Patna. These are very big actors in India. He has struggled in his life and he has seen a lot of bad times in his life. These very big actors will be in my heart. Their Fans Chate They should have a CBI Inquiry case. Everybody is saying that on June 14, 2020, they committed suicide in their flat. But how can a man who is making suicide flipper? And when he is married, then there are some people on this person who can not do this, it has been murdered, CBI should be inquired.
His body was found to be hanging on the upper fan after him. But this is not the case in the suicide, the double bed equipment will make you a little bit fussy so that the person eating the weight will wake up and some will die after using his body leg.Mr. Steve Huff paranormal expert talk the Sushant Singh Rajput sprit. His spirit and soul answered Steve Huff’s questions. Because I am murdered I am my own people. Sushant Singh Rajput can never be killed, he has been murdered, some evidence has been found that it shows that the murder.
And if you are a real fan of them, then they will be able to meet all of them, Justice made will be a CBI inquiry. But according to the evidence that his murder is done, he has police and his friends involved. It is being learned from some videos and images that one of his friends, Sandeep and his servant Deepesh, got it all done. But how far will these people survive The law will definitely catch them one day. God will never forgive anyone who has done this wrong or done so badly. Don’t ever do this to anyone, you can’t think well, don’t make anyone bad or don’t hurt anyone’s family.
But we do not have to sit silently, we all have to get justice by uniting and get the CBI to investigate to get the floor of this thing. This thing can be true for everyone, tomorrow it can be sixty, so the perpetrator must be punished. Sushant Singh Rajput is the only person who has settled on the moon. And in the Flim industry, the most beloved hero, and there was no one like him. And nobody will take their place in the film industry. Moon land is seen from their house.


This present I live in my flat in Mumbai Bandra. Some people are telling that and according to their career, they have seen their film, because of their ratings, they lived in depression. But this man cannot do this, who is making a film to refuse this thing, what will he do, he has been murdered and he has his own people. And the one who was his father, Sandeep, was already working at his house a month ago.
The key to his house was also used for 3 people, but when this happened, he was in the house and he had juice from his servant. According to some recordings and images, it seems that they have been killed by mixing some drugs in their juice. And when he fell asleep, he smitten his throat and killed his body and made a suicide case, but this murder. And when the police came, their hands were still shaking and eyes were being opened, but there was nothing that belonged to their family and not all those people whose hands were.
But what do you get by doing this? Steal, but do not kill anyone, think about his family. Sushant Singh will not be a man like Rajput in this world. According to Indian history, Rajput people are very good. But whoever has done this, God is watching him, God will give him the result. And they also got the post-mortem report healed and made it a case of suicide.
The hospital was the one who got it done and people could see it, but the person who did it did a lot of planning. Everyone seems to be blind when this happened. Some hero heroines are also involved in this case. And looking at the neck of his neck, it seems that he has been shaved. Whoever caught this crush, I love God, we all miss you so much, love you, sir. Your fans can never forget you: there was no man like you
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