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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case Is Now Involved In Drug Dealing

Sushant Singh Rajput case has been victorious for 2 months. CBI inquiry has continued to this case officers are inquiry for both peoples they ask any questions about this case for many peoples. Some peoples are replied to his answers Sushant is a very good boy it cant never to that. Many peoples are said that is the case is not a suicide this is murder for proof of this case. Now its know for some calls recordings and proofs this case is also involved for drugs dealing whereas the girlfriend of Sushant Singh Rajput Rhea Chakraborty used drugs and take drugs and his brother also a drug taker or a dealer.

Now this time CBI inquiry continues some proofs and recordings are highlighted at this time so Rhea is a chain smoker and many narcotics drunk it. She told that she buying drugs for the actress and daughter of Saif Ali Khan which is Sara Ali Khan she is the main dealer of the Drugs. Many peoples told that for a very bigger celebrity in India are also involved in drugs or chain smokers.

This thing is very bad for the fans of the celebrity. Some haters of the Sushant Singh he told that shushing is a chain smoker or drug taker as a dealer. This very bad about it so Sushant is the biggest celebrity and one of the famous Indian actors why would he do that.


He is a land on a moon. So he can be buying a telescope to see the property of the moon. Such a person as a drug taker. According to this case, rhea was in jail for 14 days. So rhea was not safe in this case and her family is also involved in this case. She could not bail a few times. Rhea and her friends were also involved in this case during this time rhea her under the jail he lunch and dinner from under the jail.

Kangana Ranaut was support for the Sushant Singh Rajput and his family. Kangana is an Indian woman legend who supports the Sushant Singh Rajput families. All Indian peoples support the Kangana Ranaut as well the role of the Indian Ancient women Queen whose name is Jhansi Ki Rani. According to the Disha Salian case is involved in the Sushant Singh Rajput case so Disha was the former manager of the Sushant.

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