The Madhya Pradesh Goverment Will Now Give 10 Thousand To The Farmer For A Year

Madhya Pradesh government has announced for the farmer now give 10 thousand per year. The Chief Minister (CM) of M.P has announced this plan for the farmer. Because MP farmers are very sad about this year. During this farmers are serving Coronavirus COVID-19 and heavy rainfall in it. So all crops are destroying in it. CM of MP has announced very special news or a program so all farmers are very happy about this scheme. This is a very wonderful moment for every farmer. Because farmer life is a very struggle life they will happy for some schemes. The CM of Mp is Shivraj Singh Chouhan is announced this plan. They are belonging to Bhartiya Janta Party.

The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is also belonging to this party. All farmers are very sad about this year 2020. In this year crop rates are not well as compare to the other year. This year very lost in the village’s land. Because heavy rain is facing the land so the crop is not well.

All farmers anxious for this time so nobody income source is here they were also depending on the crop many government programs and schemes are launched in the farmer that’s why the farmer can save and better relief. Many types of schemes are staring in villages area BPL card peoples taking advantage of them. All India or the world also depends on the farmer. because somebody needs a crop, fruits, vegetables. All peoples of the world also depend on the farmers. Farmers and crops are everything otherwise human life cannot possible on the earth.
The farmer is happy so all world peoples are happy no problem face about the vegetables or crops. Many states have provided some money for the farmers. So the Indian farmers are happy. But the MP government has proved some lots of money which is 10 thousand per year so the MP farmer is very happy in it. This time government has help for the farmers because in this time MP election time is coming soon. BJP v/s CONGRESS bump of them at this time. At this time all politicians of MP are nervous about which government has in power or who is CM of the MP.
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