The new feature of Android 13 will do wonders, now many numbers will run on the same mobile phone

The latest and most powerful Android 13 OS of Google’s operating system can be officially introduced by the end of this year. But so far two developer beta versions of Android 13 have been released. At the same time, now according to a blog by Esper’s Mishal Rahmaan, a feature called Multiple Enabled Profile (MEP) is coming in Android 13. With the help of this feature, Google wants to assign two carrier profiles to the same eSIM, so that it can be easily switched between networks. Or simply put, with the help of this feature of Google Android 13, in the coming times, multiple profiles can be activated on the same e-SIM card on mobile phones. That is, three numbers can be used on the phone simultaneously.

Android 13
To remind you that Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) is based on a patent filed by Google in 2020. Rahman found several references to the patent on AOSP and the Android Developers website, suggesting that the company will introduce Android 13 with the feature later this year.

MEPs will allow users to use multiple profiles on their phones using a single eSIM, which means users will be able to use one or more numbers without the need to have multiple SIM cards on their phones. Rahman suggests that the feature will not be available for Android as the patent hints at support for iOS, Windows, and macOS as well.


Currently, smartphones offered by the company come with one or more physical SIM slots or an eSIM and physical SIM slot. But, if Multiple Enabled Profile (MEP) is introduced in Android 13, then users will not need two physical SIM slots to use two different numbers. They can easily register multiple numbers using MEP without the need for a physical SIM card.

Android 13 Name

A few months ago, the name of Android 13 was revealed in a report. Screenshots of some codes were shared in the report, in which the name appeared. However, Google moved to the number-based naming system two years ago with Android 10 and introduced Android 12 this past year.

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