These great features of Android 12 will change the smartphone

Android 12

To say that Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Oneplus, and Vivo are all different mobile brands but what makes their smartphones one is the Android operating system. Every year Google brings new updates to its operating system ie OS, which provides new attractive and advanced features to SmartPhones. Google’s newest OS at the moment is Android 12. Android 12 is equipped with new updates and great features.

Smartphone companies have started launching their new mobile phones in the market by equipping them with Android 12 OS. While new smartphones are coming with Android 12, the new Android operating system can be downloaded and installed on old mobiles too. Android 13 Developer Preview has been released and the Android 13 Beta version is also expected to be available for download in the next month.

Next, we have shared the details of the features and updates of the current Android 12, which has come to know about what features the Android operating system is equipped with. Deeply Personal Design In terms of looks, Android 12 is completely different from the Android OS that came in the previous years. In this OS, Google has done a lot of work on the design. Attractive changes will be seen in the design and layout of the phone from the start of the phone to the meeting work and app functions etc.

Everything from theme to transition is kept very dynamic. Colour After Android 12, the smartphone will no longer work only on the light or dark theme. Many color themes will work in your smartphone after this new Android OS. Android 12 has been made in such a way that any photo of you will be wallpaper on your phone. The phone will change the theme of the phone according to the color of that photo.

The text and time watch on the home screen will also change to a different color according to the photo Notification Till now, whenever the smartphone was raised in hand to use, the phone’s screen was the first to see a multitude of notifications, and the entire display was filled with notifications from various apps. But this will not happen in Android 12. Whether the phone is locked or unlocked, no notification will be left idle on the screen. In this new OS, a separate panel of notifications has been created, which can be checked by scrolling down. Widget With Android 12 OS, Google has also changed the design of widgets present in Android smartphones.

The shape, look, and color of the widgets, as well as the animation that comes along with using them, will now be different from before. In Android 12, these widgets will look more smooth, colorful, and vibrant than before and the way of using them will also be very beautiful. For example, the size of the clock has been increased and the volume and shape of the ringer bar, calendar, weather, music player, etc. have been changed.


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