Unemployment Is The Biggest Problem In India


Unemployment is increasing day by day in India many teenagers or experienced peoples are unemployed they were wandering around. unemployment Is The Biggest Problem In India. The government has launched many schemes for unemployment. In the future time, they were continuously gone so many peoples died from depression because they not have proper work. Mostly peoples are well educated but the government does not provide a job because in India the population is increasing day by day.

*Control Unemployment*

There were many Indian peoples are rested at the home they were also depending on his father and mother. In India, the economy is very decreasing in the year 2020. This problem is the biggest problem of India all peoples are facing this problem. India is the famous city of all world. They came close to each other. During the coronavirus is increased so unemployment is fastly increasing at this time. So the Indian peoples are always said that Unemployment Is The Biggest Problem In India. All peoples or new ages peoples are facing many problems. The Indian government has launched many schemes or programs to control unemployment but in India corruption is a very bad thing they were also increasing. So many peoples are let hit this problem.

Many political leaders are involved in this system that’s why this is are increase so new ages peoples are very difficult that. All state political leaders have solved this problem in a few days but they are also suffering from corruption. Because corruption is a very bad word or thing they were it also eats parts of other peoples they have to eat your own part but looking for other people’s parts it called corruption. In India, the corruption process is high increases.

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