Virtual Legislative Assembly for the first time in history On Madhya Pradesh

In history, the first time organizes the Virtual Legislative assembly in Madhya Pradesh. MP is the center of the Indian state. During this meeting, all politicians have involved in the meeting. This meeting is held on 21 Sep 2020 Monday at this time many bills and many types of talk about the problem of the peoples. This is the first time in history all members are meetup in virtually no handshake hug for close peoples. In this meeting many types of projects or cleaning about the state or cities talking them to each other. One by one question is asking and replacing for them. In this meeting Virtual Legislative Assembly, many bills are passed them and solve many problems of the peoples. This is very expensive for the peoples. Some things will do 2 lakh crore rupees budget was passed by the government. 6 MLA has passed for without any discussion. 7 ordinance has stamped for the house stamp. In this time corona epidemic is increasing day by day. A new patient has increased in it. So Assembly is organized for the virtual and it is successful for the very good time no problems facing the present members. This Virtual Legislative assembly is done for the Madhya Pradesh city Bhopal. This meeting is done for about 90 minutes. In this meeting, 61 peoples are involved and 57 MLA joins this meeting.


This meeting is done very well all members join them and few members are involving. The Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh is speaking some for someone and told them. During the coronavirus, this meeting is organized for the virtual coronavirus and is not present here so this meeting is organized for the physical. The against a party of Madhya Pradesh is asking for some questions and hating them about this meeting. This is very bad for both parties. In the present time, the Madaya Pradesh government is also from the BJP Party whose popular name is BAJPA and another against a party in Congress who has hated them or some asking the different-different types of questions. The members are present in this Virtual Legislative Assembly whos belong from the BJP. The 57 MLA joins this meeting its own district. 61 Minister or MLA is present in the chamber. 20 MLA is not present here during suffering from the coronavirus home quarantine. 40 MLA comes back as a fighter for the COVID-19.64 MLA and is not present in Virtual legislative.
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