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WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Will Be Upgraded! Soon WhatsApp will run on two phones simultaneously

WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Will Be Upgraded!

WhatsApp rolled out multi-device support for Android and iOS a while back, allowing users to link up to three other devices with one smartphone. Now Meta is working on a new feature for this, which can be linked to another device. This device will work as a companion to the primary phone. This feature has been rolled out with the update of the WhatsApp Beta version.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, multi-device support is being expanded in WhatsApp’s messaging service. Now users will be able to use WhatsApp on secondary smartphones and tablets as well.

This feature has been seen with the Android version update for WhatsApp beta users. A screenshot of this feature has been shared in the report, in which the option to register a companion device can be seen as “Register Device as Companion”.

This Feature Can Be Used

To use this feature, the user has to go to the primary device and scan the QR. After this, the option to link the device will appear. In this, you will be able to link any other smartphone or tablet of yours

However, the report states that this feature of WhatsApp is still in the development phase. In such a situation, whether Meta will bring this feature to its instant messaging app, cannot be said at the moment.

In the already existing linked device feature, users will be able to link three more devices apart from their smartphones. To use this feature, the user has to go to the linked device option and scan the QR code.

Apart from Android and iOS devices, if a device is linked to WhatsApp, it is automatically unlinked after 14 days if it is inactive.

Recently WhatsApp is going to bring a cashback offer for its UPI feature. On using its payment app, the user will get a cashback of Rs 33. However, details about when this cashback offer of WhatsApp will come, have not been revealed at the moment. Apart from this, WhatsApp can bring many more new features, which are currently being seen in the beta version.

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