You will be able to edit old tweets on Twitter, the new feature will be launched soon

Twitter user

If you are a Twitter user then there is good news for you. Soon you are going to get an amazing feature on this microblogging site. People were feeling the need for this feature for a long time. Now the company has started work on it. According to the report, the Twitter team is working on the edit feature. Soon this feature is set to be launched for the users.

The meaning of the edit feature is that whatever you tweeted on this platform, you will be able to edit it. Suppose you made a tweet, but later want to make some amendments (correction or update) to that tweet, then this will be possible with the new feature.

Almost every user will get the benefit of this feature. Till now, if there is any mistake in a tweet, then there is no option to correct it. Right now only the option is available to delete the tweet. Many times it happens that over time many things or information gets updated, but on Twitter, you do not get a chance to edit or update anything. With the advent of this edit feature, now anyone will be able to edit their old tweet according to their need. Will be able to correct his mistakes, and add new information.

Let us tell you that Twitter has recently released a feature. Under this feature, you can easily search for any important message by going to your direct message. You will no longer need to go through a long process to remove old messages.


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