You will be able to say your ‘speak’ on Google Meet Upgrades without unmuting yourself

Google Meet upgrades

Google is constantly making many updates to make its workspace platform even better. In this episode, he has also added many new features to his platform. Now the news is coming that Google will soon add in-meeting emoji reaction features to the Google Meet platform. Work on this feature has been going on for a long time. It has been told that this feature will be released this month.

Under this feature, you will get a chance to give a reaction through emoji during any meeting or normal call with any friend on Google Meet. Suppose you liked someone’s work or liked the thing, then you can send the emoji of clapping or thumbs-up to that group at the same time. Under the feature, options for heart, smiley, and many other emojis will also be available. You will be able to convey your feeling to other members even without being unmuted.

Apart from the emoji feature, you can get many more features in Google Meet upgrades this month. According to the report, Google is also preparing to offer a picture-in-picture mode on this platform. In this, you can see who is speaking now even without being on the active meet tab. Google Meet Upgrades will change how fill your work.

You will get this feature in the Chrome browser. Apart from this, you can see the people of the meeting going on in the meet even while doing some other work like working on another sheet or slide. In the future, you can also get the facility to live stream Google Meet on YouTube. Not only this, but the company is also preparing to add an end-to-end encryption feature on Google Meet by the end of this year.


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