Your name, address, phone number, and all personal data will now be removed from Google Search

Your name

In Google search, if things like your photo, name, address, phone number, and email address show up, then you can get it removed now. You have to send a request to Google for this. Google had given the option of requesting users in the past to remove personal information from Google searches, but now Google has expanded its scope. This means that now you can get much of your personal information removed from Google searches.

Earlier Google used to only accept requests for deletion of sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details, etc. but now requests for name, address, phone number, photo, and email address will also be accepted.

What Google Said

Google Search’s Global Policy Lead for Search Michelle Chang said in a blog post that after expanding this new policy, people will be able to request the removal of their personal information from Google Search.

This information includes people’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. All things like email address, physical address, and photo will be included. He has told that it appears in the sub-Google search results and it can harm the users. Because of this, Google has now started removing it too.

Some content will not be removed

Change pointed out that it will not be removed f any content is mentioned on a government website or in public records, Let us tell you that there are many such websites on Google, where one can get the phone number or email address of another person by paying. This method is illegal and now Google is going to crack it down.

All users have the right, by the law, to request the deletion of personal data by the Data Protection Law. According to the Data Protection Bill 2019 of India, users can also demand the deletion of their data.


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