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YouTube Gave 30 billion For Artists and Creators In 3 Years

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YouTube gave 30 billion artists and creators in 3 years you get anything got something to get a comment. According to Youtube, Ceo paid 2.19 lakh crore dollars which is a big amount. Youtube is the biggest platform to generate self income whose example is seen. Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s figure is continuing the last three years youtube revenue payment was increasing.

Youtube is the best way to earn money. Most YouTubers also depend on the income of Youtube because they give a lot of money. The GDP of Youtube are increasing for the last three years. You are successful in YT so your all dreams becomes true. People are surprised and listening for the last three years income of youtube which is 30 billion few peoples are shocked they have seen this thing.

Also, talk about 2020 year during the coronavirus epidemic so it uses more peoples in day by day so YT business is growing more. 100 billion peoples are viewing gaming content. Youtube Music or prime subscription are increasing in the year 2020 because mostly peoples are using daily. According to CEO year, 2020 was best for watching gaming. Coronavirus increse so peoples are using more Youtube YT.

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