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YouTube Shorts Will Full Fill The Tiktok’s Shortage

yotube shorts

At this time TikTok application is banned from India. So the Indian government is banned from this application during the chit chat of Indian and China. Many Chinese applications are banned in the Indian government. Chinese soldiers are bad to use of the Indian people’s data so the Indian government has decided to ban much Chinese application and say that all china apps has boycott. The Youtube owner has decided that they will provide a new feature as an update of the youtube it will provide users can create a short video like a TikTok application or many features are provided him.

Many companies have created short videos that create apps but they are not successful or secure our data. But the youtube shorts are very successful and secure your data. They have provided features of these shorts youtube many types of options are seen here. It will provide to create a 15-second video to 1 minutes video. This is the best feature of youtube provides to choose any song of the youtube or create a video. Capture your dreams of the mobiles and share it. Youtube is a very successful platform many peoples are earning million daily and enjoy it. More livelihood depends on the youtube. This the very proud moment of India. The more users of the youtube also belong from Indian. Many Indian peoples are to make a carrier of the youtube.


Then youtube also provide short video features this is very good to go and better for the peoples. Some Indian peoples are missing the TikTok application it is the popular application of the short videos.

The youtube shorts is Firstly launched in India. So the Indian peoples are very excited about these new features. These features also belong to the youtube application of the android phone or ios. In India, the short video market is increasing day by day many peoples create and make this video. So mainly companies are providing these features. The most thing about the short video makes is all teenagers are creating a video and they have fun making a short video.

The Youtube short video features are the same as the Tiktok application. It is easy to use and enjoy it. Many peoples are not making a short video only they have seen and enjoyed it. In the short video, the market is increasing day by day in India many peoples are addicted to foresee the short videos application. Many companies have made more types of applications to create a short video.

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